Lukas Piel


In this lovely point-and-click adventure, you play the role of little girl Charlie. After a great fit of anger, she is thrown into a parallel world: Asfalia.

Help her tame her feelings and use them to renew her friendship with her dog Baya.


Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Developer: Funtomata, Belgium, Chaineux

Release: 2022 Android, PC


Like the enchanting mind of a little child, the music of Asfalia has a playful and curious sound.

Several leitmotifs form the soundtrack of this video game. While Charlie’s steps are encouraged trough the dancing piano, her dog Baya is portrayed by the mellow marimba. These leitmotifs of the main characters perform melodically and harmoniously both alone or complement together.


Genre: Chamber Orchestra, Playful, Childish

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