Lukas Piel

Lukas Piel

Based in Essen, NRW, Germany



Folkwang University, Essen: Master of Education in Classic
Musictheory, Orchestration, Composition

Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf: Composition for Film
and Games, Audio Mixing/Mastering, Audio Middleware


Folkwang Award 2015

Nominated for Soundtrack Cologne Award 2017

Nominated for Soundtrack Cologne Award 2019

World Distribution Award in Category „Best Sound Design“ 2021



System: OSX, Windows

DAW: Logic Pro X, Studio One 5



Fmod, Wwise, Elias

Studio Equipment:

Interface:                    Steinberg UR44

MIDI-Keyboard:        Studiologic SL73

MIDI-Controller:       Korg Taktile 49

DAW-Controller:       Studiologic Mixface

Headphones:            Beyerdynamic DT 880

Studio Speakers:      Dynaudio BM5mkIII

Audio Libraries:        Spitfire, Native, EastWest, 8Dio and many more